1300 FAQ

1300 Numbers Frequently Asked Questions

How many 1300 numbers can I have?

You may have as many 1300 numbers as you wish. By utilising a unique 1300 number for each advertisement, you will soon discover which advertisement is working best for you and which advertisement is a dud. That means more money in your pocket.

Are there any 1300 contracts?

Some Telcos try to lock you into a 12/24 month 1300 contract. Velox Telco doesn't have any contracts. You simply give one month's calendar notice to quit.

Are there any 1300 set-up fees?

Some Telcos charge 1300 number set-up fees starting from $19 to hundreds of dollars to set up your new 1300 number. Velox Telco doesn't charge any setup fee which means more money in your pocket.

Does Velox Telco offer phonewords?


Most Phonewords cost around $500 and can be purchased directly from the Federal Government website www.smartnumbers.com.au

BEFORE YOU LEASE a 1300 smartnumber Check www.smartnumbers.com.au first.

If you call or you complete an online form with some unscrupulous "Phone Word" companies to request to see if a particular 1300 smartnumber is available, your request may be quickly recorded and the 1300 smartnumber may be purchased from www.smartnumbers.com.au by that "Phone Word" company.

These "Phone Word" companies may then try to lease the 1300 smartnumber to you, locking your business into exorbitant lease charges!

If you decide to lease a 1300 smartnumber from a "Phone Word" company you will loose control of your 1300 smartnumber. This means that if the "Phone Word" company goes broke or decides to ramp up their lease fee's you will have perpetual uncertainty as you build your business and this may even put your business at risk.

Velox Telco will advise you on how to purchase the 1300 smartnumber that you want directly from The Federal Government website www.smartnumbers.com.au

Can I have a 1300 smartnumber with more than 10 digits?

Yes you can.

This is called overdial. Take our 1300 smartnumber for example. 1300 Velox Telco is advertised with a total of 12 digits yet our actual number is 1300083 569 (10 digits).

Overdial allows you to advertise your business name and automatically connects your customer's call once they have dialled the tenth digit.

It does not affect the call if your customers dial the remaining three digits.

How do I purchase my 1300 phoneword from Smartnumbers?

Once you have selected the 1300 smartnumber that you would like to purchase you will have to register www.smartnumbers.com.au this will cost approximately $40.

Then nominate the 1300 smartnumber you wish to purchase for the next available auction. Smartnumbers will ask you to select a carrier. The carrier for Velox Teco is Dow Telecom.

The benefit of purchasing your 1300 smartnumber and transferring that number from Smartnumbers to Velox Telco is that you will own this 1300 smartnumber for ever. Doing this may also add value to your brand.

I have won my 1300 smartnumber at auction what do I do now?


Buy purchasing your 1300 smartnumber directly from www.smartnumbers.com.au you now own your 1300 smartnumber and will never pay a "lease fee".

Simply download and complete our ACMA Smartnumber transfer form below.

Download the 1300 smartnumber Transfer Form here.

Complete the Application and fax to our office on 1800 083 569 or scan/email to us at info@Veloxtelco.com.au

Once Velox Telco receives your application form we will transfer your new 1300 smartnumber to Velox Telco and activate your service.

Can I get my new 1300 number for Free?

Velox Telco can supply you with a Free Lucky Dip 1300 number from The Australian Communications and Media Authority otherwise known as ACMA.

Once Velox Telco receives your 1300 number application, Velox Telco will then submit a request for a new 1300 number to be added to your new account.

Lucky dip numbers come from a National Data Base which every Telco in Australia has access too. Velox Telco will not advertise available 1300 numbers, as every Telco has access to this pool of numbers, usually the 1300 number you select has already been taken by another provider.

Velox Telco will ask new applicants when completing the application form to brieflydescribe the 1300 number that you would like in the special instructions section.

This could mean doubles or my favourite number is 5 etc.

Velox Telco will then search the lucky dip data base and secure a 1300 number as close to your instructions as possible.

If I choose a 1300 lucky dip number will it be mine?

You will have the right to use your new lucky dip 1300 number, as long as your account is in good order. If your account dishonours and/or you fall behind in your payments your 1300 number may be suspended and or cancelled.

How do I apply for my new free lucky dip 1300 number?

Click on the 1300 numbers New Application Form below.

Download 1300 Numbers New Application Form here.

Once you have completed your new 1300 number application form simply fax it to1800394 835 or scan and email to info@Veloxtelco.com.au

In around 2-4 business hours from the receipt of your application form you will receive your new 1300 number with your welcome letter.

Once you have tested your new 1300 number you may advertise it immediatley.

I have 1300 number/s already with another provider can I transfer these 1300 number/s to Velox Telco?

Yes you may.

The majority of Velox Telco new business comes from word of mouth. Everyday Velox Telco transfers 1300 numbers to Velox Telco from other providers.

Simply download the “Transfer To Us Form” below and Velox Telco will transfer your 1800 numbers usually within 2-4 business days.

Download the 1300 Transfer to us Form here.

When I transfer my 1300 number to Velox Telco from another provider will this affect my service?


When transferring your 1300 numbers to Velox Telco from another provider it is a seamless transition.

It will not affect your service at all, there will be no down time.

How Long will it take to set up my new 1300 number?

In around 2-4 hours from the receipt of your application form you will receive your new 1300 number with your welcome letter.

Once you have tested your new 1300 number you may start advertising it immediatley.

2-4 hour set up is qouted during normal business hours for lucky dip 1300 numbers.

It will usually take around 2 business days if you are transfering your 1300 number from smartnumbers or from another provider to Velox Telco.

(However, Smartnumbers may take up to 30 business days or more in consideration of factors beyond our control)

Which 1300 number Plan should I choose?

Speak to one of our friendly staff to discuss which plan would best suit your needs.

Velox Telco offers a range of different 1300 number plans that commence from as low as $5 per month.

If you are starting your business,Velox Telcorecommends that you start on our Velox 05 plan. This is $5 a month and also includes the first $5 worth of calls.

As your business grows you may upgrade your plan at anytime, your plan can be changed by simply completing our change plan form under the Customer Services tab above.

Why should I join with Velox Telco?

Velox Telco prides itself on providing excellent customer service to it's customers. It is in our best interest that your business succeeds. Velox Telco will do what ever it takes (within reason) to help and support our customers. We offer discounted rates and an automated system to make your 1300 number easy to manage.

Unlike other Telcos we don't have any hidden fees or charges. Velox Telco doesn't resell other virtual products with a huge mark up. We send our customers straight to the source which means more money in your pocket.

You will be dealing with the Australian 1300/1800 number specialist, which will give peace of mind over the lifeline of your business.

It is our best interest to keep you happy so if you have any questions just simply give us a call and one of our friendlyteam would be more than happy to help.

How do I change where my 1300 number is answered?

The phone where your 1300 number is answered is known as the answerpoint or destination number.

To change your 1300 number destination simply complete our online “Change 1300/1800 destination form”

found under the customer services tab above.

Your request will be proccessed and completed usually within two hours during business hours.

If I am on the phone can my 1300 calls be transferred to another number?


Calls made to a 1300 number will be routed first to a primary destination number, then if busy or unanswered after 10 - 15 seconds, calls can then simply be routed to second destination number free of charge.

This is called Call Forwarding. Please see below for more information.

What will it cost my customers to phone my 1300 number?

A customer will pay the cost of a local call if phoning from a landlineanywhere is Australia..

Your customers will be charged by their mobile phone provider if they call your 1300 number from their mobile phone.

These charges vary and will depend on which provider they are with.

Will my new 1300 numbers work in other states?

Yes. 1300 numbers work in every State and Territory in Australia

1300 numbers are one of the Australian reverse charge networks. Potentialcustomer's will be encouraged to call you using your new 1300 number and more often than not potential customers will call you over your competition whouse a normal landline number as their point of contact.

Having a 1300 number will allow you to easily expand your target market to another state or even the whole of Australian.

Can my customers call my 1300 number from overseas?

Velox Telco recommends that you advertise your local land line for your overseas customers to call.

However, a customer may call you using your 1300 number if the country that they are calling you from accepts the call.

This will depend entirely on that countries telephone network. If the call is accepted by the overseas network the customer will be charged accordingly as per that network's fees.

Your customers can call your 1300 number/s by dialling the overseas code of that country + Australia's country code (61) + your 1300 or 1800 number.

Will my 1300 number work if answered at a VOIP Service?

Calls from Voip services to your 1300 numbers will work if your Voip service is set-up to support calls from a 1300 number.

How can I pay my account?

Velox Telco will keep your 1300 number costs as low as possible, we do this by having a fully automated system.

At the beginning of every month you may login to your back office and download your invoice. You may also have your 1300 number invoice sent to you via email.

Then, on or around the 12th of the month, your nominated business account or business credit card will be direct debited.

Do I have to set up my account with direct debit?


When you sign up for a 1300 number account with Velox Telco a direct debit is essential.

Having a direct debit in place assists Velox Telco in maintaining a fully automated system. This will keep your 1300 number costs as low as possible, essentially putting more money in your pocket.

At the beginning of every month you may login to your back office and download your invoice. You may also have your 1300 number invoice sent to via email.

Then, on or around the 12th of the month, your nominated business account or business credit card will be direct debited.

How do I update my direct debit details?

Simply download our “Credit Card Direct Debit Form”

or the “Bank Account Direct Debit Form”

found under the “Customers Services Tab Above”

Then fax your new direct debit details to ourFax Number 1300 083 569.

Can I access daily reports for my 1300 number?

When you sign up for a Velox Telco account and your application has been approved for a 1300 number, you will receive your login details to your own online back office.

You will be able to log in daily 24/7 to your account and run your 1300 number reports. These reports are uploaded from the 1300 number network every 24 hours.

You can view unbilled calls for the current month, download current invoices and print out past invoices.

If I relocate can I keep my 1300 number?

If you are growing your business at some time you will probably need to relocate.

Velox Telco seamless relocation of your 1300 number means your business calls and potential sales are not missed.

Simply send Velox Telco an email and our customer service team will complete your request within two hours.

1300 numbers can be seamlessly relocated with Velox Telco, without any interruption to your service at all.

How Can a 1300 Number Help My Business?

Velox Telco plans start much lower than the usual $20 to $30 a month charges. If you are starting your business Velox Telco will recommend you start on our very competitive Start-Up plan which means you only pay$5 per month and we include $5worth of calls.

For more information please contact Velox Telcoon1800083 569 or go to Sales Enquiries.