1300 Numbers Explained

1300 Numbers and 1800 Numbers – The Difference

Inbound Network Description

Both 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are described as inbound services hosted on an inbound network. Other networks include outbound, mobile, satellite, Voip etc.

1300 and 1800 Virtual Inbound Numbers

Both 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are described as Virtual Inbound Numbers because they 'piggy-back' other network services such as landline, mobile, Voip, Voice2Email, Fax2Email, Live Answer etc.

The Real Difference

1300 Number Advantages:
  1. Most widely recognised number service in Australia
  2. Cost of a local call to anywhere across Australia.
  3. Included monthly minutes on most plans.
  4. Cheaper to host than a 1800 Number.

3 Types 0f 1300 Numbers

Velox Telco 1300 Number Monthly Plan


Low Volume

Medium Volume

High Volume

For Only


(Full Details)
For Only


(Full Details)
For Only


(Full Details)
For Only


(Full Details)

Included Landline Minutes(1)
75 mins
233 mins
700 mins
OR Included Mobile Network Minutes(1)
33 mins
100 mins
350 mins
Landline Call Rate(2)
Mobile Network Rate(3)

No Contracts
No Cancellation Fee
Includes Setup
Change Destination 24/7
Includes Itemised Live Call Reporting Data
Includes Itemised Call Records
Includes Voice2Email or Fax2Email
Includes Multiple Call Oveflow
Includes State Routing
Includes Time of Day Routing
Includes Whispers
Includes Business Call Intro

Rates from 01/11/13 and excludes competitors. Prices exclude GST and all offers read in accordance with our Terms Of Agreement. (1) Included Minutes are calculated to include either Landline calls or Mobile Calls or combination thereof. (2) Included mobile calls are calls originated or terminated in Australia on a mobile phone network. (3) Included local minutes are calls originated and terminated in Australia on a landline. Download The 1300 Inbound Critical Information Summary

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